About Us

Kalingga jati is the biggest and famous name for teak furniture manufacture that located in Jepara Indonesia that more than 30 years in business furniture manufacture line. It started around 1972 and keep moving to more professional in this business, our name is reflected with high experience high quality and high credibility.

Our story was starting in 1971 in Jepara when the founder of Kalingga Jati (Mr. Djumadi) as a traditional carpenter doing his business furniture in domestic market. On that time he has a though to break through  the international furniture market, a couple years latter his dream come out and now he has a the company that very famous in Jepara as a teak furniture manufacture and supplier. We as a furniture manufacture adapting high quality standards at every stage of the production process and  high quality man workers and we blend their skill with our modern wood working machinery it just our way to saying that we have high quality of  construction and precission teak furniture that we build.